Photo of the Day 15th April 2023

Low side view of a twin engined jet airliner flying from right to left at low level, it's nose raised as it climbs. The plane's body is mostly white, with a dark blue belly and a yellow rear fuselage, wing tips, and tail. The forward fuselage has large dark blue billboard-style "Monarch" titles, while the tail has a dark blue letter "M" resembling a 3-pointed crown. Behind it, clear blue skies are giving way to white fluffy clouds.
G-OJEG, Airbus A321-231, Monarch, crossing the perimeter after taking off from Runway 08R at London Gatwick, 12th September 2014.

side view of a twin engined jet airliner flying at low level, it's nose raised as it climbs, with landing gear and flaps still extended. The plane's body is gray, with a blue and red bar split by an eagle's head on the forward fuselage just aft of the forward door, with dark gray "American" titles not far behind it. The tail has a series of red, white, and blue stripes, extending down in to the rear fuselage. At the bottom of the frame are a row of trees in the near background, while behind it all the sky is a very light blue, framed by white fluff.
N293AY, Airbus A330-243, American Airlines, taking off from Runway 23R at Manchester Airport, 26th January 2018.


Side view of a white twin engined bizjet parked at an airport in front of a mesh metal fence. The planes body is mostly white, with gray squiggles over l;arge parts of the fuselage. In the background is a metal pole carrying several wirew off to the right, with a mesh metal fence behind that, and a large gray building with a blue cargo door.
HB-VIS, Cessna 550 Citation II, parked at Zurich Kloten, 19th October 1993.


Side view of a twin propellor engined airliner parked behind a metal fence. The plane is mostly white, with a blue band strating around the cockpit and sweeping back and down towards the wing, with a thin red band strating just above it, swooping back and down, widening as it goes, before sweeping up in to the tail. There are red letters "MMSA" on the rear fuselage, with white "Faichild Aircraft" titles diagonally on the red part of the tail.Underneath is a blue pod with "General Dynamics" titles. Behind and below the nose can be seen the legs of a crowd of people clustered around the plane, while the sky above is a mix of white and gray fluffy cloud.
N614AV, Swearingen SA-227AC Metro III, Fairchild, on static display as the MMSA (Multi Mission Surveillance Aircraft) demonstrator at Farnborough Air Show, 12th September 1992.