Photo of the Day 19th April 2023

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner flying from left to right at low altitude with flaps and landing gear deployed, and nose raised slightly. The plane's body is split into 2 parts, the forward and upper fuselage is white, the rear and lower fuselage is grey, seperated by a red line that starts under the belly and sweeps up and to the rear, into the tail. The tail is mostly red, with the image of a white bird in flight, the same logo is repeated in red on the grey engine cowlings. There are 2 sets of titles on the forward fuselage, "" in English above the forward cabin windows, and in an Arabic script below them. Above, the sky is a gorgeoous blue with hints of white fluff, while the plane has a slight golden cast from the slowly setting sun.
CN-NML, Airbus A320-214, Air Arabia Maroc, flying low overRingway Road on final approach to Runway 23R at Manchester Airport, 23rd May 2019.

Side bview of a single propellor engined light aircraft flying from right to left at low level. The plane is mostly white, with a brown and grey stripe running along the fuselage. and ghrey and brown stripes on the spats on the undercarriage.The registration "G-GOOS" is displayed prominently on the rear fuselage and under the left wing. Behind, the sky is the usual dissapointingly dreary grey Manchester sky.
G-GOOS, Reims-Cessna 182Q Skylane, taking off at Manchester Barton, 21st March 1994.


Side view of a twing engined jet airliner taxiing from left to right. The plane is mostly white, with 2 red lines running from the nose to the rear, and a blue winged "V" on the tail, vaguely resembling a flying bird. Behind, the background is a mix of of tarmac and grassy areas, with trees leading off into the distance.
EI-CLP, Boeing 757-2YO, Venus Airlines, taxiing at Zurich Kloten, 28th September 1996.


Close up of the tail of a twin engined jet airliner. #The planes body is white, while the tail is dark blue with a yellow circle containing the blue image of a bird in flight. In the background, grassed areas lead up to buildings in the near distance, with trees behind thoise, all under a grey sky.
D-AIDC, Airbus A310-304, Lufthansa, at Hamburg Airport, 26th October 1993.