Photo of the Day 23rd April 2023

Low side view of a twin engined jet airliner flying at low altitude from left to right, with nose raised, flaps retracting, and undercarriage already stowed away. The plane is mostly white, with the front 2/3rds (ish) of the fuselagebeing dominatedd by that colour, before just aft of the wings it slowly starts turning bright yellow. The forward fuselage carries large blue billboard-style "aurigny" titles, which are repeated on the belly, although the latter appear upside-down from our perspective. The vertical wingtips and engine cowlings are also bright yellow, with the flag of Guernsey (a white background with a thin red cross in the centre, overlaid with a golden circular emblem) on the engines. The lower rear fuselage carries blue "Channel Islands" title, while the tail has a large image of a Puffin (a black bird with white breast and facxe, and a large orangey-red beak) in flight. Behind, the sky is a gorgeous blue.
G-NSEY, Embraer ERJ190-200STD, Aurigny Air Services, crossing the airpoort perimeter as it powers out of Runway 08R at London Gatwick, 12th September 2014.

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner moving from right to left on a runway, with flaps extended from the rear of the wing. The plane is mostly white, with a grey belly and engines, and a thin gold and dark blue stripe seperating the colours. The only other markings are the number "834" on the nose, and "5834" low down on the tail. In the background is a large grey cylindrical structure reaching out of frame, behind which is a grey and blue hangar on the left. On the right, a blurry blue plane can be seen through the exhaust from the subject plane's exhaust, with the tails of several other planes peeking in to view throughout the image. Behind and above it all, the sky is blue, with a slight grey tint.
165834, Boeing C-40A Clipper (737-7AFC), United States Navy, landing on Runway 23R at Manchester Airport, 23rd April 2015


Side view of a twin engined jet airliner with the engines mounted on the rear fuselage, taxiing from right to left at and airport. The plane has a dark blue belly and grey upper, seperated by a thin yellow stripe. The tail is grey at the bottowm, with dark blue at the top, and diagonal yellow, red, and dark blue stripes seperating the two sections. The upper forward fuselage carries "Deutsche BA" titles in black just aft of the forwrd door. Behind is a grey and glass terminal buildings with several vehicles parked in front, and a grey air bridge adorned with the white letter "M" stretching in to view from the left.
D-ADFD, Fokker F100, Deutsche BA, taxiing to the terminal at Munich Airport, 20th September 1996.