Photo of the Day 3rd May 2023

Side view of a twin engined light aircraft parked at an airport. The plane is almost entirely white, whith a thin blue line running along the body, while the tail has a thicker blue line. The registration "F-BOEY" is prominetly displayed on the rear fuselage, although the tops of the "EY" are partially obscured. In the background is a flat view across the airfield, with the edge of the airport meeting the sky., which is a mixwhite clouds and occasional blue smears.
F-BOEY, Beech C-55 , Baron, parked at Nice Airport, 9th October 1996.

Side view of a twin engined bizjet parked at an airport, facing to the left. The plane is mostly white, with thin brown and blue stripes running the length of the body and over the engines, as well on the tail. There is a 2-part door open just behind the cockpit, the lower half dropping down to form airstairs for access, with the upper half opening upwards. There is a person weatring a hi-visibility coat standing on the stair, leaning in to the plane, with another person in a blue jacket leaning on the wing.
OE-GSC, Dassault Falcon 10, Tyrolean Air Ambulance, parked on the tarmac in front of Gate 200 at Manchester Airport, 3rd May 1992.
Side view of a very large jet cargo plane flying from left to right at a low altitude, with landing gear down and flaps deployed, and the nose slightly raised. The planes body is mostly grey, with large black billboard-style "cargolux" titles on the forward fuselage, with blue and red stripes running backwards along the body and sweeping up in to the tail. The tail is mostly red, with a series of 3 white cubes arranged as a pyramid. At the bottom of the frame, branches of trees can be seen poking up, while the sky behind is a gorgeous blue, with scattered white clouds.
LX-VCA, Boeing 747-8F, Cargolux, on final approach to Runway 05L at Manchester Airport, 3rd May 2017.