Photo of the Day 12th May 2023

Low front view of a three propellor-engined airliner flying at low level slightly off to the right of the camera.the plane has an engine on each wing and one on the nose, with fixed undercarriage, and with flaps visibly running the full length of the wings. The gun-metal grey plane somehow stands out aginst the grey sky behind it.
D-AQUI (actually D-CDLH), Junkers Ju-52/3mg8e, Lufthansa Traditionsflug, on approach to Runway 24 at Manchester Airport, 14th September 1992.

Side view of a very large 4 engined jet airliner flying at low altitude with flaps deployed from the back of the wings, undercarriage being tucked away, and nose raised quite steeply. The plane is mostly a creamy-grey, with golden "Etihad" titles on the forward fuselage in both English and an Arabic script. The rear fuselage and tail are covered in a triangle-based mosaic pattern in various shades of brown and grey. Behind, the sky is a gorgeous blue.
A6-APE, Airbus A380-861, Etihad, shortly after taking off from Runway 27L at London Heathrow, 22nd March 2018.


Underside view of 4 twin engined jet fighter planes flying in very close formation, 2 flying nose to tail, with one on each side. The planes have red undersides, with slightly askew white crosses, and white noses. Behind, the sky is a slightly hazy blue.
Diamond formation of 4 Northrop F-5E Tiger II’s of Patrouille Suisse, the Swiss Air Force display team, performing at Fairford International Air Tattoo, 22nd July 1995.