Photo of the Day 13th May 2023

Side view of a 3 engined jet airliner flying from right to left at low level, with flaps extended below the whings and the nose raised fairly steeply. The plane has a red belly and a white upper section, with thin red stripes running the length of the body, with large red "DHL" billboard-style titles on the forward fuselage, The tail has a red base, with white upper section, and red "DHL" titles. The rear-mounted engines are silver, and have "STAGE THREE" titles. Behind the plane, the sky is a flat white.
OO-DHS, Boeing 727-223(F), DHL, shortlyafter taking off from London Gatwick, 26th July 1995.

Side view of a large 3 engined jet airliner taxiing from left to right. The plane has a silver belly with a sky-blue upper, a thick dark blue and thin white stripe seperating the two sections. There are white "KLM" titles under a white crown on the upper forward fuselage. The tail is white, with larger sky-blue "KLM titles" under a crown. In the background is a red building next to a brown brick tower with a glazed upper floor, with several vehicles parked next to it, and a large green structure beyond that. Above, the sky is an ominously misty grey.
PH-DTB, Douglas DC10-30, KLM, taxiing to it’s stand at Manchester Airport, 13th February 1993, quite possibly a diversion from Amsterdam.


Side viewof a twin propellor-engined air liner taxiing from right to left. The plane is mostly white, with a green and blue stripe running from just behind the nose to the rear of the fuselage, the same lines repeated on the engine cowlings. The tail is mostly dark blue, with a diagonal white band containing a stylised letter "b" outlined in black, with blue, green, and white sections. In the background, yellow-ish grass leads off to a chain-link fence in the distance.
G-GNTG, Saab SF340A, Business Air, taxiing to the terminal at Glasgow Airport, 10th January 1995.