Photo of the Day 14th May 2023

Side view of a three engined jet airliner flying from left to right at very low level, it's main wheels on the runway, with the nose raised so that the nose wheel is several feet above the runway. The plane is all white, with a thin black line running along most of the fuselage under the cabin windows. The only indication of ownership is an emblem on one of the rear-mounted engines, a dark blue circle with a white star in the centre, with bars on either side, indicating this belongs to the United States Air Force. Behind it is a large terminal building with a coule of large jet airliners parked, with big yellow airbridges connecting them to the building.
83-4615, Boeing C-22B (Boeing 727-35), United States Air Force, landing on Runway 28L at London Heathrow, 18th February 1997.

Side view of a twin engined light aircraft facing to the left, and slightly away from the camera. The plane is mostly a sandy brown, with a dark brown and black stripe running along the body and sweeping up into the tail, and also along the engine cowlings. The rear fuselage has the registration "G-TEST" displayed, while the tail has diagonal titles, large "SFC" in blue italics, and "Air Taxis Ltd" in smaller black type. The cockpit has a large front windscreen and a smaller side window, with the cabin having 3 windows, getting progressively smaller towards the rear. The foreground is entirely made up of green grass, while in the background, alternating strips of tarmac and grass lead up to bushes and trees marking the airfield perimeter, with the roof of a house just peeking over the top. Hazy blue-grey skies complete the scene.
G-TEST, Piper PA-34-200 Seneca, SFC Air Taxis, parked at North Weald, prior to the annual Fighter Meet air show, 14th May 1994.


Side view of a 4 engined jet cargo aircraft facing to the left and slightly away from the camera. The planes body os mostly white, with a thick red strip running the length of the fuselage, with red and blue "Air Canada Cargo Express titles on the forward fuselage, the first part of which is obscured by the open cargo door rising above the rest of the plane. The tail is red, with the outline of a white circle, surrounding a white maple leaf, and the small white number 867 right at the top. There are smaller doors open at the front and the rear of the plane, with a set of mobile airstairs attached to each. There is a white, red, and yellow fuel truck parked under the wing, and a freightt lift parked in front of the cargo door at the front. Behind it is a large brown building with red and white stripes on the sides and roof.
C-FTIK, Douglas DC8-73AF, Air Canada Cargo Express, being loaded in front of the cargo centre at Manchester Airport, 26th June 1992.