Photo of the Day 17th May 2023

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner travelling from right to left with thrust reversers open on the engine and flaps deployed from below the wings. the plane has a grey lower half, with the upper being white, with a thick blue stripe starting below the nose and running along the fuselage, covering the cabin windows.there are blue "Lufthansa " titles on the upper fuselage, while the white tail has a blue band with a yellow oval, itself containing a stylised image of a flying bird. In the background is a large grey terminal building, while the sky above it allis a hazy blue.
D-AIRX, Airbus A321-131, Lufthansa, wearing a retro colour scheme, throwing out the anchors as it lands on Runway 23R at Manchester Airport, 24th November 12014.

Side view of a twin engined biplane airliner flying at low level from left to right. The plane has a dark green lower half and creamy yellow upper section, with the registration "G-AIYR" also in the same creamy yellow. People are visible through the many large cabin windows.The engines mounted on the lower wings are the same green as the fuselage. In the background, large grassed areas lead off to yellow and green fields, surrounded by large areas of trees., all under a blue-grey sky.
G-AIYR, De Haviland DH-89A Dominie/Dragon Rapide, taking off for a pleasure flight before the start of the Fighter Meet airshow at North Weald, 17th May 1992.


Side view of a twin propellor engined, high winged airliner moving from right to left on a runway. The plane is mostly white, with a dark and light blue stripe running the length of the fuselage. The serial "53+10" is painted under the cockpit windows, and there are "Luftwaffe" titles on the rear fuselage. In the background, several construction vehicles are working on a taxiway, surrounded by yellowy-green grass.
53+10, LET L-410UVP Turbolet, Luftwaffe, during it’s landing roll at Berlin Tegel, 26th September 1996.


Rear-side view of a single angined, high winged light aircraft. The plane is a sandy brown, with several red stripes running along the body and over the top of the fuselage behind the cockpit. The registration "PH-ANH" is visible on the rear of the body, partially obscured by the tailplane. Behind, to the left of the frame, are several other light aircraft, while on the right, the background is grass, leading up to trees in the distance. Behind it all, the sky is a hazy blue-grey.
PH-ANH, Reims-Cessna F172P, taxiing from right to left at Rotterdam Airport, 18th October 1993.


Side view of a 4 engined, high-winged jet airlinerparked facing to the left. The plane is mostly white, with a 3-tone blue stripe running along the fuselage from the nose, sweeping up in to the tail at the rear, where it forms a pole for a half Union Flag. On the far side of the plane, a pink and grey vehicle is pulled up just behind the cockpit, while a blue tractor is just passing by the plane's rear. In the background, yellowy-green grass and tarmac lead off into the distance.
G-UKAG, British Aerospace 146-300, Air UK, parked on stand at Edinburgh Airport, 12th January 1995.