Photo of the Day 19th May 2023

Head-on view of a 4 engined jet airliner, with the engines buried in the wing roots. The plane has a grey belly and a white upper section, with a dark blue line covering the cockpit windows seperating the two. The engine intakes have red covers on them. Behind, there is a a large green hangar.
G-APAS, De Haviland DH106 Comet 1XB, in BOAC colours*, on display at the RAF Museum, Cosford , 5th February 1996.
*This never actually flew with BOAC, instead it spent it’s career with Air France, then the RAF.

Side view of a single seat glider parked on grass, facing to the right and away from the camera, with one wing resting on the ground, the other up in the air. The glider has a red belly, with creamey-yellow upper surfaces, with the rear half of the tail is also red. In the background, the grass airfield stretches into the distance, leading up to lines of trees on the perimeter. Above, the sky is a hazy blue.
BGA2762/ELC, Slingsby T.45 Swallow, parked on grass while waiting for its chance to perform at Barton Air Show, 19th May 1991.


Side view of a single-engined, high-winged light aircraft parked facing to the left. The plane is mostly white, with a double blue line running the length of the body, starting thin but getting wider as it moves rearwards. The cockpit door on the left side, facing the camera, is slightly open, with someone inside visible through the window. There appears to be several people standing by an open door on the other side, their legs visible under the plane. In the background, grassed areas and a taxiway fill the frame.
G-BNZM, Cessna T210N Turbo Centurion, parked on one of the executive aviation aprons at Manchester Airport, 19th May 1992.
This apron is now buried under terminal 3.


Side view of a helicopter parked on a patch of concrete surrounded by grass, facing to the left. The helicopter is a dark blue, with a golden stripe running along the body. In the background, a couple of grey hangars with red doors are visible on the left of the frame, withtrees filling the centre, and a glass and brown brick building on the right. while above, a grim, grey sky fills the rest of the frame.
G-IAJJ, Robinson R44 Raven II, parked on a hardstanding at City Airport Manchester/Barton, 19th May 2016.


Side view of a twin engined jet airliner facing to the left being pushed to the right by a tug. The plane is mostly white, with 2 yellow lines on the forward fuselage, running from the top to the bottom, but bulging out to the front in the middle, with grey "Primera" titles overlaid. It also has red """ titles on the upper rear fuselage. The tail is grey, with the outline of a yellow circle, which has several yellow lines that make it look as if it might be a globe. The upturned wingtips are yellow, while the engine cowlings are grey, with the same yellow globe logo. In the foreground, a man with a bright yellow hi-viz vest and red shirt is standing in the middle of a roadway on the tarmac with his arms outstretched. In the background, several planes are parked awaiting their next flight.
OY-PSA, Boeing 737-8Q8, Jet2, in full Primera Air colours, being pushed back from it’s stand at Manchester Airport, 19th May 2016.


Low side view of a twin engined jet air liner flying from right to left at low level. The plane is mostly white, with an orange tail and rear fuselage and an orange stripe running from above the forward fuselage to under the rear fuselage. There are large white "easyJet" titles on the tail. Behimnd, the sky is an ominous grey.
G-EZBT, Airbus A319-111, EasyJet, flying over Royton at ~4600 feet while diverting in to Manchester after declaring an emergency and squawking 7700 while operating flight U2162 from Glasgow to Luton, 19th May 2023.