Photo of the Day 24th May 2023

Rear view of a high-winged 4 engined jet airliner parked facing away from the camera. The plane has a white body, with red tail and engines. There is a mobile airstair attached to one of the doors on the left side. In the background is ahigh-level light rail bridge descending to ground level from left to right, with a large electricity pylon behind that, reaching in to the sky The sky itself is a mix of light blue, and white fluff.
EI-CTY, British Aerospace 146-200A, Virgin Atlantic, parked at London City Airport, 1st November 1994.

Low side view of a three engined jet airliner, with a T-tail and the engines mounted on the rear fuselage. The plane is mostly white, with a grey belly and dark blue tail. There are dark blue, white, red, and grey bands running diagonally on the lower half of the forward fuselage, with red "British Air Ferries" titles on the upper forward fuselage. The dark blue fuselage has a white oval with red "BAF" titles in the middle. In the background, the sky is a rather dismal grey.
YU-AKG, Boeing 727-2H9, British Air Ferries, in basic JAT Yugoslav Airlines colours, seconds after taking off from Runway 06 at Manchester Airport, 24th May 1992.


Side view of a twin propellor engined light aircraft taxiing from right to left. The plane is mostly white, with brown, black, and red stripes running along the fuselage, the brown and black stripes sweeping up in to the tail. The registration "G-DAFY" is visible on the lower rear fuselage, outlined in red. In the background, grass leads off to trees on the right of the frame, with a large grey hanger with "Hunting" titles on the left., all under a cloudy grey sky, slightly tinged with red in the middle.
G-DAFY, Beechcraft 58 Baron, taxiing at Biggin Hill, 6th March 1996.


Front view of a high-winged, twin-tailed, twin propellor-engined cargo plane parked facing slightly off to the left of the camera. The plane is mostly white, with a light blue/dark blue/light blue stripe running along the body from the nose. There is a small sign giving a description of the plane on the ground by the nose in front of the left main wheel. In the background, a red helicopter is visible in front of trees on the left of the frame, while several green or white transport aircraft are visible on the right. Above and behind it all the sky is a gorgeous blue, with lots of fluffy white clouds here and there.
LX-JUL, Shorts SC-7 Skyvan 3M, Hunting Aviation, on static display at Fairford International Air Tattoo, 22nd July 1995.


Front view of a high-winged, 2 propellor-engined airliner parked facing slightly to the right of the camera on static display at an air show, with 2 power cables plugged in to the nose, and a large ventilation cable plugged into the fuselage just forward of the main landing gear. The plane has a greeny-blue belly, the rest of the plane being white, with indecipherable blue titles on the upper forward fuselage. There are red tags attached to ports on a panel outlined in red on the nose, under the cockpit windows. In the background, the blue tail of a much larger aircraft is visible over this planes cockpit, while a low white building with a pitched roof is visible under the left wing, with crowds milling around in front of it. The sky is mostly grey and white cloud, with some patches of blue peeking through on the right.
F-WWEK, ATR72-500, Iran Aseman Airlines, on static display at Farnborough Air Show, 29th July 2000.