Photo of the Day 26th May 2023

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner moving from left to right, with flaps extended under the wings, spoilers raised on top of the wings, and thrust reversersdeployed on the engines as it decelerates hard after landing on a wet runway. The plane is mostly white, with a deep blue belly and engines, and deep blue "British Airways" titles on the forward fuselage, next to a stylised ribbon, red on one side and blue on the other. The tail has 2 thick wavy red lines, with a wavy blue triangle between them. In the foreground, alternating strips of grass and tarmac can be seen, while the background has a partially hidden light blue plane on the right, with trees filling the width of the frame, and dismal rainclouds completing the picture.
G-EUXD, Airbus A321-231, British Airways, drying the rather damp runway as it lands on Runway 23R at Manchester Airport, 4th February 2016.

Side view of a pair of single engined, two seat biplanes parked on a grass field. The one closest to the camera is brown with white wings, a brown and white checkerboard tail, brown leather covers on the cockpits, and the white registration "G-AHAN" in the middle of the fuselage, under the rear cockpit. Behind that is a sky blue biplane with white wings, dark blue leather covers on the cockpits, and the partially obscured white registration "G-ABWP" on the rear fuselage. In the background, a slatted wodden temporary fence seperates these planes from crowds of people milling around, with several vans, trucks, and large tents in view, and the tails of several other planes on the left of the picture. On the right is an old brick control tower with a glazed room at the top, with a large yellow board with the letter "C" on one wall facing slightly to the right of the camera. The sky is a rather dismal grey, and the overall impression is of a dreary rainy day.
G-AHAN, De Haviland DH-82A Tiger Moth II, parked at a rather damp Barton Air Show, Manchester, next to the sole surviving Spartan Artrow, with the iconic Barton control tower, the oldest airport control tower still in us in the UK in the background, 6th May 1996.


Side view of a white helicopter with blue diagonal stripes taxiing from left to right. The side door has the word "Pilots" printed on it. In the background, a single engined light aircraft is on final approach to the runway. visible in the glare of the setting sun.
PH-SSS, AĆ©rospatiale SA-365N Dauphin 2, Schreiner, taxiin at Rotterdam Airport, 18th October 1993.


Side view of a single engined light aircraft parked facing to the right on a grass field. The plane is mostly white, with a red and brown stripe running along the body before sweeping up in to the tail.There are weights attached to the wings by vlue and white ropes. Behind, there is a bridge visible in the distance on the left, with hills visible beyond that. The sky above is mostly grey, with bright white patches.
G-BBUF, Grumman American AA-5, parked at Dundee Airport, 13th January 1995.


Side view of a twin propellor airliner flying al low level from left to right. The plane is mostly white, with a large blue letter "e" on the rear fuselage, and "euro direct" titles on the upper forward fuselage. The tail is all yellow, with another blue "e" in the middle. Behind, the sky is a dreary grey.
G-BTTO, British Aerospace ATP, Euro Direct, making a low flypast at the Woodford Air Show, Manchester, 25th June 1994.