Photo of the Day 17th July 2023

Side view of a single propellor-engined aircraft with a rotory wing on display in a museum, facing to the left. The plane is mostly silver, with a black cover on the engine at the front. There are 2 open cockpits, one behind the other, for the 2 occupants, with 4 metal struts extending upwards from the corners around the forward cockpit to an aerodynamic cover which holds the rotor hub for the rotary wing. the undercarriage has 3 struts securing each forward mainwheel to the fuselage. There is a large blue, white, and red roundel on the side of the fuselage, with another on the top of the fuselage directly above, , with the serial "k4232" next to it. In the background, white support beams for the roof are visible, with other aircraft exhibits dotted around the place.
K4232, Avro 671 Rota I (a license-built Cierva C.30A), Royal Air Force, on display at the RAF Museum, Hendon. 4th March 1996.

Side view of a helicopter on the ground with both it's main and tail rotors turning. The body is mostly white, with dark blue lower surfaces, the 2 sections seperated by thin light blue and brown stripes running all the way from the nose to the tail. In the background, the apron the helicopter is parked on gives way to a large expanse of green grass which fills the frame.
G-DOFY, Bell 206B JetRanger III, on the ground with it’s rotors turning at Manchester Airport, 17th July 1993.


Side view of a high-winged, twin propellor-engined airliner taxiing from right to left. The plane is mostly white, with a thin blue and red stripe running backwards from just behind the nose to the rear, getting wider as it moved rearwards. there are large black "Interot" titles on the rear fuselage, with smaller titles on the nose, under the cockpit windows. the tail is dark blue at the front and white at the rear, with a segmented red triangle seperating the tow in the lower half. Behind, areas of grass and tarmac lead off into the distance.
D-BIRT, De Haviland Canada DHC8-102 Dash 8, Interot, at Dusseldorf Airport, 20th October 1993.


Low side view of a twin propellor engined flying from right to left at very low altitude, tilted slightly to the right. The flaps are extended from the rear of the wings, with the undercarriage still in the final stages of being tucked away - the landing gear doors on the right engine bay are still very slightly ajar. There is a yellow, orange, red, and blue stripe running along the middle of the body, with small "Air Wisconsin" titles just below it, just aft of the forward door. Behind, grey clouds dominate the sky.
G-MATP, British Aerospace Advanced Turbo-Prop (ATP) prototype, wearing Air Wisconson/United Express colours, performing a display flight at Woodford Airshow, 27th June 1992.


Side view of a twin engined jet airliner taxiing from right to left. The plane is mostly light grey, with a dark blue lower half with a red stripe running along the body. The engines are the same dark blue, with a chrome rim around the inlet. The tail is grey at the bottom, with a dark blue top,, with a red and dark blue triangle seperating the 2 parts, and a royal crest on the upper section. There are "British Airways" titles on the upper forward fuselage. In the background, a couple of grey buildings are visible over the top of the plane, with trees behind them indicating the edge of the airfield, with hills growing in the far distance, under a blue sky with streaks of white cloud.
G-BVNN, Boeing 737-4S3, British Airways, taxiing to it’s gate at Aberdeen Dyce, 7th January 1995.