Photo of the Day 21st July 2023

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner taxiing to the left of the camera, turning further to the left. The plane is mostly white, with large billboard-style orange "" titles on the fuselage, The tail is a bright orange, with diagonal white "easyJet" titles, with the engines also being orange with white titles. In the background, a large grey hangar is visible over the right wing, whileanother large grey hangar and a tall control tower is visible over the right wing. The sky is a hazy blue-grey.
G-EZWS, Airbus A320-214, EasyJet, turning on to Runway 23L at Manchester Airport, 5th June 2015.

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner flying from right to left at a very low level, with undercarriage being raised, flaps being extended from behind the wings, and the nose raised slightly, suggesting it has just taken off. The plane is mostly white, with a red and green stripe running along the body before sweeping below the rear fuselage, while another green stripe runs along the base of the tail, before sweeping up with a matching red stripe. There are red "БАЛКАН" titles ("BALKAN" in a Cyrillic script) on the upper forward fuselage. The registration "LZ-BOB" is on the rear fuselage in black, just aft of the rear door. Behind, the sky is a hazy blue/grey.
LZ-BOB, Boeing 737-53A, Balkan Bulgarian Airlines, taking off from the main runway at Zurich Kloten, 28th September 1996.
This photo was taken from a spot where the runways cross during a 10 minute stop during an air-side bus tour.


Side view of a helicopter flying from right to left at low altitude. the helicopter is black, with a yellow stripe running along the body, turning into a lightning boltas it moves to the top, then running straight along the tail boom to the tail rotor. The highly glazed cockpit has two people inside. Behind, there are some trees behind the helicopter, with grey sky beyond that.
G-SNAZ, Enstrom F-28F Falcon, at Manchester Barton, some time in the 1990s.