Photo of the Day 25th July 2023

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner with the engines mounted on the rear fuselage taxiing from left to right. The plane is mostly white, with a thick light and dark blue running along the fuselage, covering the passenger cabin windows, and over the engines, with another diagonal stripe running up the tail. There are dark blue "Air Provence" titles on the upper forward fuselage. In the background, there is a low, sandy brownbuilding that extends 2/3rds of the way into the frame from the left, with a single deck bus on the right, wearing a similar colour scheme to the plane. In the far distance, more buildings are visible on the far side of the airport, with rows of trees behind that, fading into haze.
F-GCVM, Sud SE-210 Super Caravelle 12, Air Provence, taxiing out to the active runway at Frankfurt Airport, 21st September 1996.

Side view of a T-tailed twin engined jet airliner with the engines mounted on the rear fuselage, taxiing from left to right. The plane is mostly white, with a thin red and blue stripe running along the the lower fuselage from the black nose cone. There are large red "CSA" titles on the forward fuselage, with smaller blue "ńĆeskoslovensk√© aerolinie" ("Czechslovak Airlines" in English) below it. The tail is mostly red, with a diagonal blue stripe at the rear, with "OK" titles on the red portion. In the background, there are low buildings with red structural beams, with a group of aircraft clustered behind them. beyond that, on the left of the frame, is a large green structure, with trees on the right, under a bright cloudy sky.
OK-EFK, Tupolev Tu134, CSA Czechslovak Airlines, taxiing to the terminal at Manchester Airport, 25th July 1992.


Closeup of the tails of 3 jet airliners parked at an airport terminal, facing to the right. The one nearest the camera is mostly red, with a thin white line running along the fuselage, with the top of the body being white, with white "LTU" titles on the red tail. Further back, the other 2 are 3 engined airlinners, with red bodies, grey bellys, and a thick red stripe running along the body, with white "LTU" titles on the red tail. On both planes, the intake for the centre engines are white, the one in the middle with black "TriStar 500" titles, the rear one with ""triJet" titles. All 3 planes have portable airstairs parked by the aft doors. Blue air bridges are attached to the mid-fuselage doors of each plane. In the far distance, buildings, other planes, and trees vanish in to mist.
D-AERL, Lockheed L1011-500, LTU, in the middle of the frame, parked with another couple of planes, a Boeing 767 of LTU Sud at the front and a McDonnellDouglas MD11, also of LTU, at the rear, registrations unknown, at Dusseldorf Airport, 20th October 1996.
Close up of the triple-tail of a late WWII era 4 propellor-engined transport aircraft parked facing to the left. The plane has a silver body, with a circular logo, a black and yellow globe overlaid with3 arrows with outsretched wings. The three tails each have a thick black stripe running through the middle, outlined in yellow, the outer tail having white "MATS" titles on the black stripe, with black numbers "8609" bleow. At the bottom of the frame, a blue tent is next to a brown brick building, while above, the sky is mostly grey cloud.
N494TW/48-609, Lockheed VC-121A/L749A Constellation, USAF Mats (Military Air Transport Service) parked at Manchester Woodford for the annual air show, 6th June 1998.


Closeup on the tail of a 3 engined jet airliner parked facing to the left. The plane is mostly white, with a green and red stripe running along the fuselage. The tail has red and green stripes at the top and bottom, with a red circle with a stylised white flying bird in the middle. The centre engine has green "Biman" titles in the middle. There are "DC-10-30" titles on the lower rear of the fuselage, just aft of an open cargo door, with blue baggage trucks parked on the tarmac around it. In the background, several planes are parked, attached to white airbridges, while fog obscures anything frther away.
S2-ACO, Douglas DC10-30, Biman Bangladesh, parked on stand at Amsterdam Schipol, either 1992, 1993, or 1996.