Photo of the Day 6th August 2023

Side view of a very large 4 engined passenger airliner being towed from left to right on a taxiway by a dark blue and grey tug. The plane is mostly white, with the top of the nose cone painted black, a reversed US flag between the upper and lower deck windows on the forward fuselage, and large black "Evergreen" titles over the front of the wings. The registration "N470EV" is painted prominently on the upper rear fuselage. In the background, a grey building is right up against a large concrete retaining wall, with houses, a church, and some tower blocks behind it, under a blue-grey sky.
N470EV, Boeing 747-273C, Evergreen International, being towed along a taxiway at London Heathrow, 28th July 1995.

Side view of a three engined jet airliner flying from left to right at a very low altitude, with it's landing gear extended and flaps deployed from the rear of the wing - the fairly flat attitude of the nose suggests it is just about to land. the plane is mostly white with a silver belly, and thick red and blue stripes above and below the passenger cabin windows respectively, the red stripe overlaid with blue "Rich International" titles. The tail is white, with a blue "RI" logo, the "I" having a red flame on top. Behind, the sky is a dirty grey.
N300AW, Lockheed L1011-1 TriStar, Rich International, sailing past the Airport Hotel on final approach to Runway 24 at Manchester Airport, 6th August 1994.


Side view of a long, thin, pointy supersonic jet airliner, parked facing to the left, arranged at an angle to fit the whole thing into the frame. The plane is mostly white, with a thick red stripe running along the fuselage above the wing. There are "Concorde" titles just aft of the cockpit window but in fromnt of the forward door, and "British Aircraft Corporation - Aerospatiale France" titles on the upper fuselage over the wing. The tail is white, with a thick blue stripe running along the middle. The undercarriage is long and spindly, to give the square engine pods under the wings plenty of clearance, especially the nose gear. There is a set of stairs on the other side of the plane, leading up in to the cabin behind is a large white hangar with wide blue doors, under a pale blue sky.
F-WTSS, Aerospatiale Concorde 100, on display at Musee de l’Air et de l’Espace, Paris Le Bourget, 28th October 1993.
The things you have to do when you don’t have a lens small enough to fit the whole thing in…


Low side view of a pair of twin engined jet fighters flying from right to left, angled slighty away from the camera. The planes are a deep blue, with yellow trim, and large yellow "US NAVY" titles under each wing, as well as on the sides of the engine intakes. There are additional yellow "Blue Angels" titles on the lower forward fuselage. The plane nearest the camera has a large yellow "6" on the tail, the one further away has a "5" in the same location. Behind, the sky is a flat white.
161952/6 and 161957/5, McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet, United States Navy Blue Angels, performing a high speed pass at Finningley Air Show, 19th September 1992.


Front view of a 4 propellor engined airliner on display in an outdoor museum, facing slightly off to the right of the camera. the plane has white upper surfaces and a silver belly, with a thick blue stripe running along the cody, covering the passenger cabin windows, seperating the white and silver sections. There are dark blue "Lufthansa" titles on the upper fuselage, over the wings. The planes 3 tails, one of the fuselage and one on each end of the horizontal tailplane, have black leading edges, the rest being white with a thick yellow and blue stripe, with a blue stylised flying bird in the middle. There is a set of light blue airstairs attached to the forward left door. There is a row of flags behind the left wing. In the background, a long terminal building stretches across almost the entire frame, under a pale blue sky with patches of fluff.
D-ALAP (actually D-ALEM), Lockheed L1049G Super Constellation, Lufthansa, on display at Munich Strauss, 30th September 1996.