Photo of the Day 8th August 2023

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner, with the engines mounted on the rear fuselage, taxiing from left to right. The plane is mostly white, with large "Star Alliance" titles running along the fuselage. The engines are a deep blue, with a wide black vertical vertical band in the middle with the registration "OH-BLP" in white, as well as a white flag with a black cross. The tail is black, with 5 silver arrowheads arranged in a circle. Those same arrowheads are visible in a smaller form under the cockpit windows at the front of the fuselage. In the background, a large terminal building is visible, with several planes parked on their stands. Above it all, the sky is a hazy grey-blue.
OH-BLP, Boeing 717-23S, Blue1, in Star Alliance livery, taxiing out to Runway 05L past the Aviation Viewing Park at Manchester Airport, 29th March 2014.

The plane's fuselage is mostly light blue, with a thick dark blue and white stripe along the middle, and a silver belly. The tail is white, with dark blue "KLM" titles under a stylised light blue crown. In the background, the airfield rapidly vanishes in to haze.
PH-BUV, Boeing 747-306(M), KLM, at Amsterdam Schipol, either 1992, 1993, or 1996.


Closeup of the tail of a twin propellor airliner parked facing to the left. The planes body is a dark grey, with a deep blue belly, the 2 colours seperated by a red stripe. The tail has very thin dark blue and black stripes, with the horizontal tailplane mounted half way up the tail, with a blue and red letter "U" visible above that. In the background, the sky is a flat grey.
G-4-027/N314UE, British Aerospace Jetstream 41, Atlantic Coast Airlines, in United Airlines colours, on static display at Woodford Airshow, 25th June 1994.


Close up of the tail of a three engined jet airliner parked facing to the left. The planes body is mostly red, with a thick white stripe running along the body, and a silver belly. The tail is red, with white "LTU" titles. The centre engie inlet is white, with black "TriStar" titles. A silver twin engined jet airliner can be seen taxiing out of frame on the left of the frame, the rest of the image being the shadow of a city skyline vanishing in to mist.
D-AERP, Lockheed L1011-1 TriStar, LTU, at Dusseldorf Airport,20th October 1993.


Closeup of the tail of a twin engined jet airliner parked facing to the left. the planes body is mostly white, with a thick dark blue and thin red band running round the rear fuselage and up in to the tail, where there is a circle of 12 5-pointed gold stars. The same design is visible on the planes upturned wingtips, at the bottom of the frame. Strong sunlight is casting strong shadows, and causing bright reflections on the upper surfaces. In the background, a white jet airliner and another, much larger, orange jet airliner are passing through the image.
G-MEDA, Airbus A320-231, British Mediterranean Airways, at London Heathrow, sometime before December 1997.