Photo of the Day 12th August 2023

Side view of a high-winged, 4 engined jet airliner taxiing from right to left. The plane is mostly white, with a thin blue line running along the body. There are blue "Flightline" titles on the upper forward fuselage, wnd additional "red "Alpine" titles below the cabin windows. There is an blue stylised image of a mountain peak on the tail. In the background, large grassed areas interspersed with taxiways, runways, and a road, lead off in to the distance.
G-HWPB, British Aerospace 146-200, Flightline, taxiing out to Runway 9L at London Gatwick, 26th July 1995.

Side view of a twin propellor-engined airliner taxiing from right to left, and slightly towards the camera. The plane has light greetop and grey belly, with a light blue, thick dark green, and thick white stripe running along the body. There are dark green "Aer Lingus Commuter" titles on the lower forwward fuselagfe, and a large white 3 lobed leaf on the tail. A large tarmac area fills the rest of the frame.
EI-CFB, Saab SF340B, Aer Lingus, taxiing to it’s gate at Manchester Airport, some time in the early 1990s.


Forward fiew of a high-winged, 4 propellor-engined airliner taxiing slightly to the right of the camera. The plane is almost entirely white, with light blue "Adria" titles on the lower forward fuselage, and a dark blue letter "A" with a light blue reflection on the tail. In the foreground, a tall lighting pole partially obscures the plane's outer right engine. In the background, acres of tarmac fill the frame, with a line of 3 vehicles following this plane.
S5-ACB, De Haviland Canada DHC-7-102 Dash 7, Adria Airways, taxiing to it’s stand at Munich Strauss, 30th September 1996.