Photo of the Day 17th August 2023

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner being towed from left to right. The plane is mostly white, with a series of 5 thin green stripes running along the body, with a letter "T" being embedded in it at the front, just under the cockpit windows. There are diagonal "Transavia" titles in black and green on the tail, the same logo on the engine pods under the wings. In the background, the tail of another plane can be seen parked at the top right of the frame, with a view across the airfield to fuel tanks dissapearing into the hazy grey cloud.
PH-HVT, Boeing 737-3K2, Transavia, being towed at Amsterdam Schipol, 15th November 1992.

Side view of a 2 seat helicopter parked facing to the left. The helicopter is mostly white, with red highlights around the cockpit windows and tail boom, with black landing skids. In the background, a grey temporary cabin with a blue framefills most of the right of the frame, while a brown brick building is on the right, with a white car parked in front of it. Above, the sky is a pale blue with lots of fluffy cloud.
G-UPCC, Robinson R-22 Beta, at Manchester Barton, 17th August 1992.


Side view of a fire training simulator in the fire training area at an airport.The rig is painted green and scorched black from regular burns, designed to resemble various types of jet airliner - some single deck, some double deck, with 2, 32, or 4 engines. There are "Manchester Airport" titles on the upper body, next to a rather faded white ribbon, with additional "" titles a bit further forward. In the foreground, grassed areas lead up to a small bank immediately in front of the training rig, withs masses of trees behind it., under a cloudy grey sky.
Not a plane, this is a fire training simulator, in the fire training area at Manchester Airport, 17th August 2016.