Photo of the Day 18th August 2023

Side view of a single engined general aviation aircraft parked facing to the left. The plane is almost entirely a gloss black, with a blue and yellow stripe running along the body and diagonally up the tail. There are white "Skydive Scotland" titles over a blue phone mumber in the middle of the fuselage, and in a smaller form over a stylised image of a white parachutist under a plue parachute on the tail. In the background, hills lined with trees stretch across the whole image, under a grey sky.
G-PARA, Cessna 207 Skywagon, Skydive Scotland, at Dundee Airport, 13th January 1995.

Side view of a high-winged, twin propellor-engined air liner parked facing to the right. The plane is mostly white, with light and dark blue "fly VLM"on the upper forward fuselage, and "" titles on the engine pods. There are dark blue diagonal "VLM" titles titles on the tail and rear fuselage, with golden outstretched wings. In the background, a grey building with dark blue supporting frames fills the width of the image, with grey sky above it.
OO-VLZ, Fokker F50, VLM, parked on stand at London City Airport, 11th July 2014.


Side view of a twin engined jet airliner with the engines mounted on the rear fuselage, parked facing to the left. The plane is mostly white, with a blue diagonal band around the middle of the fuselage, just ahead of the wings, with blue "Fly Denim" titles on the lower forward fuselage. The rear fuselage and tail are red, with the silver outline of a bird, seemingly made of a folded piece of paper. The engine pods are red, with silver "Fly Denim" titles. Behind the nose is a small, white ground power unit. Behind the tail is a white jet airliner, with the engines under the wings. In the background is a grey building, with rows of luggage containers next to metal cages., with trees visible over the top of the building.
PH-MJP, Fokker F100, Denim Air, parked in front of the World Cargo Centre at Manchester Airport, 18th August 2015