Photo of the Day 23rd August 2023

Side view of a high-winged, twin propellor-engined airliner taxiing from left to right. The plane is mostly white, with a dark blue belly, with a thin red stripe runniing along the body seperating the two colours. There are dark blue and red "Augsburg Airways" titles on the lower fuselage. The tail is dark blue, with the white outline of a circle, overlaid with a red capital "A", pointing to the North-West, and vaguely resembling a runway. In the background, grassed areas are seperated by taxiways and a runway.
D-BMUC, De Haviland Canada DHC8-314A Dash 8, Augsburg Airways, at Dusseldorf Airport, 11th October 1996.
Low side view of a 3 engined jet airliner with the engines mounted on the rear fuselage flying from left to right at a very low altitude, with the undercarriage extended, and flaps and slats deployed from the rear and front of the wings. The plane is mostly white, with a grey belly, and a blue stripe running along the body, covering the cabin windows. The tail is white, with a red flag with a yellow hammer and sickle in the top left corner. There are blue "Aeroflot" titles in a Cyrillic script on the upper forward fuselage. Behind, the sky is a flat grey.
CCCP-85643, Tupolev Tu154M, Aeroflot, on final approach to Runway 24 at Manchester Airport, 23rd August 2023.


Side view of a high-winged, twin propellor-engined airliner taxiing from left to right. The plane is mostly white, with a grey belly, a thic dark blue and thin red stripe running along the body, seperating the 2 coloured sections. There are black "Eurowings" titles on the upper forward fuselage, partially obscured by the engines, with a logo made up of a pair of stylised flying birds, a red bird with a blue bird slightly below and forward overlaid on top, with the blue bird having a very long tail that curves round in a circle. This logo is also on the tail in a larger form. The registration "D-BEEE" is prominent on the upper rear fuselage. In the background, a grey-brown building stretches across the middle of the frame, with an open grassed area split by a runway visible further back, slowly dissapearing in to haze.
D-BEEE, ATR42-300, Eurowings, at Frankfurt Airport, either 1993 or 1996.


Side view of a twin engined jet airliner taxiing from right to left. The planes body is almost entirely white, with ted billboard-style "TEA" titles covering the cabin windows on the forward fuselage, with grey "Swizerland" titles above the windows on the rear fuselage. The engine pods and tail are red, with a large white cross on the tail. Large grassed areas run towards the camera in the foreground, and off into the distance in the background. Another white jet airliner with orange "0870 6 000 000" titles along the fuselage is visible in the background, just under the tail of this plane on the middle right of the frame. Above, the sky is a bright yet hazy grey.
HB-IIH, Boeing 737-7Q8, TEA Switzerland some time between March 1998 and March 1999.


Side view of a World War II-era single engined biplane parked on grass facing to the left. The plane is mostly white, with an olive green section over the top of the nose and the engine cowling. There are 3 open cockpit positions, with the front one containing a helmeted pilot looking down at his instruments, the other two having helmeted crew wearing heavy fur coats standing and adjusting their helmets. below the rear cockpit is a yellow, blue, white, and red roundel. On the rear fuselage are large "L2" titles, with smaller "Royal Navy" and "LS326" titles further back. There are short, vertical red and blue bands on the tail. In the background, bushes mark the perimeter of the airfiled, sctretching off to the horizon, under a cloudy grey sky.
LS326/L2, Fairey Swordfish Mk II, Royal Navy, at Manchester Barton for the annual air show, some time in the 1990s.