Photo of the Day 24th August 2023

Side view of a 4 propellor-engined transport aircraft on display outside a museum, facing to the left. The plane is mostly a silvery colour, with a thin dark blue wile running along the body, with "Missouri Air Guard" titles above it. Behind that stripe is the United States Air Force "Star And Bar", a 5-pointed white star in a blue circle, with a red, white, and blue bar on either side., partially obscured by the wing. In the background, a white building is visible under the left wing, while above, a pale blue sky fills the rest of the frame.
53-0280, Boeing KC-97L Stratofreighter, Missouri Air National Guard, on display outside Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace, Paris Le Bourget, 28th October 1993.
This was due to be the 5th aicraft to be converted to a Super Guppy for Airbus, but it was moved to the museum instead.

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner facing to the right. The plane's body is mostly light blue, with a white belly, and a thin dark blue stripe running aloing the body. There are white "KLM" titles under a stylised crown on the upper forward fuselage, a logo repeated in blue on the white tail, engine pod, and upturned wingtips. There are small dark blue "Royal Dutch Airlines" titkes on the lower forward fuselage, while the registration "PH-BGL" is displayed prominently on the upper rear fuselage. Grass occcupies the whole of the foreground, with a background of trees and bushes stretching across the frame. Above, pale blue clouds and bright clouds fill the rest of the frame.
PH-BGL, Boeing 737-7K2, KLM, accelerating along Runway 23L for take-off at Manchester Airport, 24th August 2015.


Side view of a high-winged, single-engined light aircraft light aircraft parked facing to the right. The plane is mostly white, with a pair of thin red stripes running along the body from the nose, getting wider as they rove rearwards until the whole rear fuselage and lower part of the tail is red. The registration "G-BSRC" is displayed prominently on the rear fuselage. In the background, green grass runs off into the distance, with an industrial landscape in the far distance.
G-BSRC, Cessna 1250M, parked at Liverpool Speke, some time in the early 1990s.