Photo of the Day 28th August 2023

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner moving from right to left. The plane is mostly white, with large red billboard-style "Swiss" titles on the forward fuselage. The tail and upturned wingtips are white, with wide red bands with a large white cross in the middle.In the background, large airport buildings can be seen on the left and the right of the frame, with a green and white plane under this planes tail, and a large grey and black tower just coming in to view on the left.
HB-JBD, Bombardier CS100, Swiss, starting it’s take off run on Runway 23L at Manchester Airport, 25th April 2017.

Front view of a high-winged, twin propellor engined transport aircraft, facing slightly to the right of the camera. The plane plane is mostly white, with blue and yellow bands around the forward fuselage. The nose has a big radome, painted black, looking a bit like a duck's beak. There are pods on the side of the lower rear fuselage for the main landing gear. In the baclkground, small crowds of people are walking around, looking at some of the other exhibits, including a jet fighter aircraft under this plane's wing, under a pale grey sky.
SE-IVF, Casa C-212-200 Aviocar, Kustbevakningen (Swedish Coast Guard), on static display at Fairford International Air Tattoo, 20th July 1996.


Side view of a twin engined jet airliner being pushed back from it's stand, facing to the right. The plane is mostly in a bare metal finish, with a thick red stripe running along the body, alongside a very narrow dark blue stripe. There are "USAir" titles on the upper forward fuselage in blue and red. The tail is dark blue, with thin red pinstripes, running from front to back, and white "USAir" titles. There is a red pole attached to the nose wheels, the other end of which is attached to a white tug aircraft, which is pushing it backwards. The nose cone is obviously originally from another plane, the colours being very slightly mis-matched and mis-aligned. In the background, a smaller, white twin engined jet airliner is parked facing to the left, in front of a row of buses, next to a tall lighting pole. Trees fill the middle-distance, with large grassed areas and more trees vanishing in to haze in the far distance, under a hazy grey sky.
N646US, Boeing 767-201ER, US Air, being pushed back from it’s gate at Paris orly, 1st November 1993.


Closeup front view of a twin propellor-engined airliner parkedfacing slightly to the right of the camera. The image is inclined quite a bit, in an attemtpt to fit as much of the plane in as possible. The plane is mostly white, with large billboard-style "THT" titles on the forward fuselage in a deep blue, behind a red Turkish flag, just aft of the cockpit windows. Legs of people walking past can be seen under the planes body in the background, while the sky above is a bright if somewhat hazy grey.
G-BRLY, British Aerospace ATP, THT, on static display at Woodford Airshow, 27th June 1992.


Side view of a 4 propellor-engined WW2-era bomber aircraft moving at high speed along a runway, with flaps deployed from behind the wings, and the tail wheel raised off the ground, suggesting it is in the middle of taking off. The plane is mostly an olive brown, with a grey belly and lower wing surfaces. The serial "124485" is on the tail in yellow, with the code "A-DF" also in yellow on the rear fuselage, with a large blue circle containing a large white 5 pointed star seperating the letters. Behind the glazed nose is an image of a woman wearing a short red dress, turning away from the viewer, with yellow "Memphis Belle" titles nest to it. The cowling of the inner engine has black and yellow checks on the front portion. Gun turrets can be seen under the middle fuselage, just aft of the wing, as well as just above the rear of the cockpit, and under the glazed nose, as well as in the rear of the plane, under the tail. In the background, a large grey hangar can be seen under the planes rear fuselage, with trees making up most of the rest of the background, under a hazy grey sky.
124485/G-BEDF “Memphis Belle”, Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress, United States Army Air Force, taking off for a flying display at North Weald Fighter Meet, some time in the early 1990s.