Photo of the Day 29th August 2023

Close-up front view of a twin engined airliner taxiing to slightly to the left of the camera. The plane is mostly a light blue, with a white belly, the 2 sections seperated by a thin dark blue stripe running along the body. There are "KLM Cityhopper" titles on the upper forward fuselage, under a stylised white crown. The white tail and engine pods have blue "KLM" titles under a blue crown. The letters "ZI" are visible on the front of the upper fuselage, above the cockpit windows. In the background, a large terminal building can be seen on the lower right of the frame, with a large tower running the full height of the left of the frame. Behind, the sky is mostly fluffy grey cloud with hints of blue peeking through.
PH-EZI, Embraer ERJ-190-100STD, KLM Cityhopper, taxiing out to Runway 23L at Manchester Airport, 12th October 2019.

Closeup of the tail of a jet airliner facing to the right. The planes body is mostly white, with a green tail with large white "PIA" titles in the middle. In the background, a couple of blue planes are on the left of the frame, with large expanses of grass leading off to trees vanishing in to haze, under a hazy sky
AP-BEG, Airbus A310-308, Pakistan Airlines, at Amsterdam Schipol, 22nd September 1996.


Closeup of the tail of a jet airliner facing to the left. The planes body is white, while the tail is white at the bottom, the rest being red, with 3 thin blue stripes seperating the 2, and a white Maltese Cross in the middle. The registration "S5-AAB" is visible under the tail, above the flag of Slovenia (equal horizontal bands of white, blue, and red, with a shield carrying the Slovenian coat-of-arms in the top right). In the background, areas of green grass are seperated by black runways and taxiways running off into the hazy distance.
S5-AAB, Airbus A320-231, Air Malta, at Dusseldorf Airport, 11th October 1996.


Close up of the twin tails of a World War 2-era jet fighter aircraft suspended from the roof of a museum building facing to the left. The plane has green upper surfaces on the body, everything else being a light grey. The tail has a black swastika towards the leading edge, with the white number "120235" below it. In the background, the rest rest of the room is dimly lit, with another couple of planes suspended above and behind this one, with varoious balconies and walkways around the edges of the room, and other exhibits on display at floor level.
120235, Heinkel He-162A-1 Volksjager, Luftwaffe, on static display in a flying pose suspended from the ceiling of the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth, 6th March 1996.


Close up of the tail of a very large jet airliner facing to the right. The plane has a white body, with a bold yellow tail, which has the outline of a blue circle, and a stylised image of a blue flying bird in the middle. The letters "TD" are visible right at the top of the tail in black. In the backgroud, a small construction site can be seen beloew the rear fuselage, while grass leads off into the hazy distance on the left of the frame, under a flat grey sky.
D-ABTD, Boeing 747-430, Condor, at Frankfurt Airport, 2nd November 1993.