Photo of the Day 9th September 2023

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner being pushed back from it's stand, facing to the left and away from the camera. The plane is mostly white, with a thin red and blue stripe running along the body and sweeping up to fill the tail.There are dark blue "Yemenia" titles on the upper fuselage, in English at the front, and in an Arabiv script towards the middle. The tail has a white circle, with a dark blue oval with a white hoile, and 3 lines trailing off the back, with a red crescent overlaid on top. There are "Airbus A310" titles on the lower rear fuselage. The engine pods are red at the front, and blue at the rear. There is a blue tow truck attached to the nose gear. In the backgrpound is a view across the airfield, mostly concrete apron, with a handful of airliners parked by a large building in the top left corner.
F-OHPQ, Airbus A310-222 Yemenia, at London Gatwick, 26th July 1995.

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner taxiing from right to left on a taxiway. The plane is mostly white, with a dark blue and gold stripe running along the body and up in to the tail. There is a Three Lions logo sticker just aft of the forward door, indicating it is carrying the England Football team. In the foreground, a black fence topped with razor wire partially obscures the bottom of the frame. In the background, large grassed areas run off to trees in the distance, with an electricity pylon on a hill in the distance looming over everything. Above, the sky is a hazy grey.
SX-ATF, Boeing 737-406, GainJet, dropping off Northern-based members of the England football team after a match in Switzerland the night before.


Side view of a 3 engined bizjet with the engines mounted on the rear fuselage. moving from right to left. The flaps and slats are extended from the rear and front of the wings, respectively, as well as lift dumpersraised on the top of the wings, indicating it has just landed. The plane is almost entirely white, with multi-coloured squares on the lower foreward fuselage. The registration "VP-CSW" is displayed on the centre engine intake. The foreground is lush green grass, while trees line the far side of the runway, with a brown brick house rising above them a bit further back, under a flat grey sky.
VP-CSW, Dassault Falcon 7X, Volkswagen Air Service, landing on Runway 05R at Manchester Airport, 9th September 2015.