Photo of the Day 10th September 2023

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner flying from right to left at a low altitude, with undercarriage being retracted and flaps deplyed from the rear of the wings, and the nose raised sharply, suggesting it has just taken off. The plane is mostly white, with black billboard-style "virgin atlantic" titles across the forward fuselage, as well as along the belly. There is an image of a red-haired woman wearing a red leotart flying through the air, arms stretched out behind her, with a British flag worn as a cloak streaming behind her. The registration "G-VBOW" is visible on the lower rear fuselage, and under the left wing. The tail and part of the rear fuselage is a bright red, with large, seemingly hand-written "Virgin" titles in white, as well as the letters "OW" right at the top of the tail, also in white. The engine pods are the same bright red. Behind, the sky is a fairly intense blue.
G-VBOW, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Virgin Atlantic, powering out of Runway 27L at London Heathrow, 22nd March 2018.

Side view of a twin propellor engined World War II-era fighter aircraft moving from right to left on a runway. The plane is mostly olive green, with a silver nose cone and bright yellow front sections of the engines. The plane has t2 tails, carried at the rear by a pair of booms stretching from the rear of the engines. The outside of the tail nearest hte camera has a white triangle, with the number "67543" across the middle, while the inside of the furthest tail has a large white letter "S". There are white "D-Day Stripes" (equal white-black-white-black-white) under the wings and tail booms. The heavily glazed cockpit canopy can be seen over the engines and leading edge of the wing. There is a painting of a blonde-haired woman wearing a white dress on the nose of the plane, as well as some yellow writing that is mostly obscured by the engine. The planes undercarriage appears somewhat large for it's size. In the background is a view across the airfield, with a pair of twin engined jet airliners parked facing away from the camera, with rows of trees beyond them.
42-67543/N3145X, Lockheed P-38J Lightning, United States Army Air Force, during it’s take off run for a flying display at Farnborough Air Show, 10th September 1994.


Side view of a twin engined bizprop flying from right to left at a very low altitude, appearing to be taking off, just feet above the ground. The plane is mostly white, with a thin red and blue stripe runiing along the body, as well as along the engine cowlings. The registration "G-FLYW" is prominent on the lower rear fuselage. In the background, grassed areas lead off to a large grey hangar, under a grey sky.
G-FLYW, Beechcraft 200 Super King Air, Fly Wales, takig off from Runway 23L at Manchester Airport, 15th March 2017.