Photo of the Day 13th September 2023

Side view of a helicopter parked facing to the right. The body is light grey, with a purple belly, and a double red stripe stipe running along the body, sweeping up in to the tail. The registration "G-PACO" is on the engine pods, on the top of the fuselage. One of the cockpit doors is open, with a person standing beside the nose.In the foreground, a large pile of cut grass has been discarded in the lower right corner of the frame, while in the background, green metal fencessurround the landing pad, with a large expanse of grass where the rest of the airfield is, with trees vanishing into haze in the distance, under a hazy grey sky.
G-PACO, Sikorsky S-76C, parked at City Airport Manchester/Barton, 29th November 2022.

Side view of a 3 engined jet airliner flying from right to left at a very low level, with undercarriage just finishing being stowed away, flaps deployed from the rear of the wings, and the nose raised significantly, suggesting it has just taken off. The plane is mostly white, with a grey belly, and a dark blue stripe running along the body. There are blue "Aeroflot" titles in a Cyrillic script on the forward upper fuselage. The registration "CCCP-85648" is on the intake for the centre engine, and there is also a Soviet Union flag (red field with crossed yellow hammer and sickle) in the middle of the tail. In the background, the sky is a flat grey.
CCCP-85648, Tupolev Tu154M, Aeroflot, seconds after taking off from Runway 06 at Manchester Airport, 13th September, 1992.


Front view of a 4 engined jet airliner parked on grass facing slightly to the left of the camera. The plane is mostly white, with a grey belly, and a very thick dark blue stripe running along the body. The white letters "FJ" are visible under the cockpit windows. The tail has a red top half and a white bottom half. Above, the sky is a flat grey.
G-APFJ, Boeing 707-436, British Airtours, on display outside the Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford, 15th February 1996.