Photo of the Day 14th September 2023

Grainy low side shot of a high-winged, 3-tailed twin propellor engined flying from right to left at a very low altitude. the plane is mostly white, with a grey belly, and a green stripe running along the body. The registration "G-APRS" is on the upper rear fuselage. There are stub wings on the lower fuselage with the main undercarriage on the end, with support struts running up to the rear of the engine pods. The tail is white, with wide green stripes at the top and bottom, and a black and white stooping eagle over the word "Atlantic". Behind, the sky is the usual grim Mancunian grey.
G-APRS, Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer Srs3, Atlantic Air Transport, performing a flying display at the annual Woodford Air Show, 22nd June 1996.

Side view of a pre-World War 2, 3 propellor-engined airliner parked facing to the right. The plane has a natural metal finish on it's corrugated steel body, with the areas around the engines, on the nose and wings, painted a glossy black. There are small "Lufthansa" titles on the forward fuselage, under the cockpit windows, with smaller "Berlin-Tempelhof" titles just below. The (fake) registration "D-AQUI" is prominently displayed on the rear fuselage, with the real registration "D-CDLH" right at the rear. The tail has small "Junkers" titles in the middle, and a small German flag (black, red, and yellow horizontal bars) right at the top. In the background, a white van with an orange beacon on top is parked behind this plane, with baggage carts parked just beyond, in front of a terminal building.
D-AQUI (actually D-CDLH), Junkers Ju-52/3mg8e, Lufthansa, at Manchester Airport, 14th September 1992.


Side view of a high-winged, twin propellor-engined airliner flying from left to right at a very low altitude with it's undercarriage lowered and flaps extended from behind the wings, and the nose raised sharply, suggesting it has just taken off.. The plane is mostly white, with a blue belly, and a golden stripe running along the body. There are large blue and gold "blue islands" titles on the rear fuselage, with the registration "G-ISLF" under the tail. The engine pods are blue, with white and gold "blue islands" titles. The tail is white, with some ciurved golden stripes. In the background, grass stretches off in to the distance, with some cars parked in front of a large grey building beyond that. Hi-rise tower blocks dominate the skyline, under a dreary grey sky.
G-ISLF, ATR42-500, Blue Islands, taking off from London City, 11th July 2014.