Photo of the Day 20th September 2023

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner with the engines mounted on the rear fuselage, taxiing from right to left. The plane has a white body, with "Scandinavian Airlines" titles above and below the cabin windows on the forward fuselage. The engine pods are red, with white "Scandinavian" titles. The tail is dark blue, with large white "SAS" titles. Green grass fills most of the foreground, while the in the background, various airport buildings stretch across the middle of the frame, with blue-grey sky above.
EI-FPJ, Canadair CRJ-900LR, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, lining up on Runway 23L at Manchester Airport, 15th May 2019.

Side view of a 3 engined jet airliner with the engines mounted on the rear fuselage. The plane is mostly white, with a red/green/red stripe running along the body, the upper red part sweeping up over the tail-mounted engine, with the registration "7T-VEP". There are red "AIR ALGERIE" titles on the upper fuselage, in English above the wings, and in an Arabic script further forward. The side-mounted engines have a natural metal finish, with black "Boeing 727" titles. The tail is white, with the red outline of a circle, with the stylised image of a red flying bird in the middle. In the background, a grey metal barrier with alternating white and rad bands on the top runs from the middle left of the frame towards the centre, with some baggage carts parked behind it, with another parking area for vehicles at the top of the frame, next to a low grey building.
7T-VEP, Boeing 727-2D6(A), Air Algerie, at Paris Orly, either 1993 or 1996.


Side view of a single engined light aircraft parked on grass facing to the left. The plane is mostly olive green, with seemingly random angular white patches all over the body, and the registration "D-EARY" on the rear fuselage. the engine cowing in the nose is yellow, with an image of an eagle with it's beak open, facing to the left, and a red banner below with the words "SCREAMING EAGLE" in blue and white. The tail has a black and whie checkerboard pattern at the front, the rear being yellow, with another checkerboard panel right on the rear edge. Grass fills the rest of the frame, with a brown runway visible in the distance.
D-EARY, Piaggio FWP-149D (built under license by Focke-Wulf in West Germany), at City Airport Manchester/Barton, 19th May 2016.