Photo of the Day 23rd September 2023

Low side view of a twin engined jet airliner flying from left to right at a low altitude, with flaps deployed from the rear of the wings, undercarriage being tucked away, and the nose raised sharply, suggesting it has just taken off. The plane is mostly white, with purple "virgin atlantic" titles on the belly, and an image of a flying woman wearing a red leotard and trailing a Union Flag on the nose. Thye tail and engine pods are bright red, with white "Virgin" titles on the tail. Behind, the sky is flat grey clouds, with hints of blue peeking through.
G-VGBR, Airbus A330-343, Virgin Atlantic, crossing the perimeter fence after taking off from Runway 08R at London Gatwick, 12th September 2014.

Side view of a 3 engined jet airliner parked facing to the left, with an airbridge attached to the forward door on the opposite side. The plane is mostly white, with a silver belly, and blue "RICH INTERNATIONAL" titles on the upper forward fuselage. The tail has large blue letters "RI", with a red flame coming out of the top of the "I". This same logo appears in a smaller form on the engine pods under the wing. In the foreground, 2 rows of black chainlink fence is strung across the lower 1/3rd of the frame, supported by black metal frames, and topped with razorwire, beyond which some trucks with long, extendable yellow booms with large yellow buckets on the end are lined up side by side. Pale blue sky filled with smears of cloud fill the rest of the frame.
N765BE, Lockheed L1011-1-50 TriStar, parked on Gate 201 at Manchester Airport, 23rd September 1995.


Side view of a high-winged, single engined light aircraft with a tailwheel insead of a nosewheel taxiing from right to left on a concrete taxiway. The plane is a bright yellow, with a black stripe running along the body, and the registration "G-AWOF" on the rear fuselage in black. In the background, a couple of other light planes are visible on the left and right of the frame, while the grass airfield stretches off into the distance, with trees marking it's edges. The sky above it all is a dull grey with white patches.
G-AWOF, Piper PA-17 Vagabond, at Manchester Barton, some time in the 1990s.