Photo of the Day 27th September 2023

Side view of a pair of propellor-engined aircraft, a very small one with two enginesmounted on top of a larger one with only a single engine, taking off while trailing smoke for an air display. The lower one has a high-mounted wing, giving a large space to fit a frame to hold the smaller plane, which has a low mounted wing. The lower plane is mostly white, with a red stripe running along the belly, and blue "Brittany Ferries" titles on the rear fuselage under a waving red and white flag. It has twin tails carried on either end of the horizontal stabiliser, the top and bottom sections of the tails painted red, with the registration "F-GDPX" on the outer surfaces. There are 2 pilots dressed in red jackets visible through the large cabin windows. The upper plane is small - really small. Everything about this plane looks comical, especially compared to it's partner. Very small engines are mounted above the wing, driving very small propellors. A massive 2-piece bubble canopy sits above the fuselage, through which can be seen the pilot, who barely fits in to the canopy. This plane is white, with a red stripe on the belly, and "Brittany Ferries" titels on the fuselage under the cockpit, with the same red and blue flag. A larger version of that flag, tilted the other way, is on the tail. The registration "F-PZTU" is on the rear fuselage. There are a pair of smoke canisters, one under each wing, which will be turned on once the planes seperate. Behind them, the sky is a flat grey.
F-GDPX, Max Holste MH-1521M Broussard, and F-PZTU, Colomban MC-15E Cri-Cri, in the colours of Brittany Ferries, their sponsor, taking off in a VERY close formation ń•for a flying display at the Woodford Air Show, some time in the 1990s.

Side view of a verly large 4 engined jet freighter taxiing from left to right. The plane is mostly white, with a thick red and blue stripe running along the body. There is a gap in the stripe on the forward fuselage, where the airline name should obviously go. The registration "LX-DCV" is on the stripe on the rear fuselage, in white. The tail is white, with the red outline of 3 cubes stacked in a pyramid. In the background, there are 2 large grey fuel tanks above the planes cone on the right of the frame, with a cluster of smaller ones towards the middle, some partially hidden by trees. Beyond that, there is nothing more than hints of things lost in mist, under a grey sky.
LX-DCV, Boeing 747-228F, Atlas Air, in basic Cargolux colours, at a rather misty Amsterdam Schipol, 27th September 1996.


Side view of a high-winged, 4 engined jet airliner taxiing from right to left. The plane has a white upper sectiuon and grey lower section, and grey lower half, with "brussels airlines" titles on the lower forward fuselage, next to a red letter "b" made up of a number of different sized red dots." The rear fuselage and tail are a deep blue, with a larger version of that same letter on the tail. green grass fills most of the foreground, with more grass in the background split by runways and taxiways, leading up to rows of trees on the far side of the airfield, with hills in the distance under a bright white sky.
OO-DWE, British Aerospace Avro RJ100, Brussels Airlines, taxiing past the AVP after landing on Runway 23R at Manchester Airport, 27th September 2013.