Photo of the Day 21st October 2023

View from almost directly below of a twin engined jet airliner flying at a very low altitude from the bottom to the top of the frame, with flaps extended from behind the wings and the undercarriage already tucked away, which suggests it has just taken off. The planes belly and lower sections of the engines are a deep blue, with a bright yellow cheatline, and then all white above that. The registration "EI-DPI" is under the outer section of the left wing. In the background, light blue sky fills the frame.
EI-DPI, Boeing 737-8AS, Ryanair, crossing the perimeter fence after taking off from Runway 08L at London Gatwick, 12th September 2014.

Head on view of a high-winged, twing propellor-engined airliner taxing slightly to the right of the camera, following a yellow line painted on the tarmac. The plane is mostly white, with maroon, rd, and yellow stripes on the lower rear fuselage, and inverted on tail and the top of the front of the engine pods. There are small "Tyrolean" titles on the lower forward fuselage, under the cockpit windows, as well as a larger version on the tail. In the foreground, there is a man standing in the lower right corner of the frame, looking at the plane. Slightly damp tarmac fills the rest of the frame.
OE-L__, De Haviland Canada DHC8-300 Dash 8, Tyrolean, taxiing the last couple of metres to it’s stand at Salzburg Airport, 21st October 1993.


Side view of a twin engined jet airliner flilying from right to left at a low altitude with flaps deployed from behind the wings, undercarriage being tucked away, and the nose raised sharply, suggesting it has just taken off. The plane is mostly white, with large green and red letters "TAP" covering the forward fuselage, parts of the "AP" repeated on the tail. There are additional "Portugal" titles on the upper forward fuselage in black, and "Air Portugal" titles vertically on the tail in white. In the background, very pale blue sky fills the rest of the frame.
CS-TNJ, Airbus A320-214, TAP Air Portugal, seconds after taking off from Runway 23 Right at Manchester Airport, 26th January 2018.