Photo of the Day 23rd October 2023

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner moving from right to left with flaps and slats deployed from the rear and front of the wings respectively, lift dumpers on the tops of the wings, and thrust reversers on the engines open, suggesting this has just landed. The plane is mostly white, with blue swooshes on the lower forward fuselage, as well as along most of the upper fuselage, sweeping up into the tail where it meets a black swoosh. There is a smaller black and blue swoosh on the upper forward fuselage, just ahead of black "tailwind" titles. The same black and blue swoosh is on the engine cowlings. Green grass fills the foreground, withtrees and bushes filling most of the background, and an electricity pylon poking through and looming over everything. There is a person in the distance below the planes wing on the right of the frame who appears to be taking a photo of this plane landing.
TC-TLB, Boeing 737-4Q8, Tailwind Airlines, during it’s landing roll on Runway 05 Right at Manchester Airport, 9th September 2015.

Side view of a high-winged, twinbpropellor-engined airliner taxiing from left to right. The plane is mostly white, with blue "Luxair" titles on the lower forward fuselage, and a red heraldic image of a lion standing on its rear legs under the cockpit. The tail resembles a red, white, and blue horizontally striped flag, which appears to be waving. In the foreground, a body of water lies several feet below the runway level, the edge marked by orange and white poles. In the background, grass leads off to car parks in the distance, with tall buildings beyond that, with tall cranes scattered throughout, all under a grey sky.
LX-LGH, De Haviland Canada DHC-8-402Q, Luxair, during it’s landing roll on Runway 27 at London City Airport, 11th July 2014.


Side view of a single-engined, 2 seat World War 2-era fighter aircraft taxiing from left to right. The plane has a dark grey upper fuselage, with the rest of the body being a creamy colour. The rear fuselage has black and white "D-Day stripes", overlaid with small "Royal Navy" titles and the serial "WB271", with larger number "204" ahead of it, and a blue, white, and red roundel under the rear cockpit. there is also a black letter "R" on thop of the tail. There are 2 cockpits, The forward one is only just big enough to fit the pilot, while the rear one is flush with the fuselage and extensively glazed, with plenty of room for the navigator/observer in the rear. The foreground is filled with grass, while in the background, more grass runs off to buildings in the distance, with rows of trees beyond that, under a hazy grey sky.
WB271, Fairey Firefly AS.5, Royal Navy, taxiing out for take off at Woodford Air show, some time in the 1990s.


Side view of a single-engined microlight aircraft parked on grass facing to the left and slightly away from the camera. There is a yellow, blue, and white fabric-covered wing suspended over a metal frame with an engine bolted on the back, wheels, and yellow aerodynamic panels on the body and wheels. There is a person leaning into the exposed cockpit from the opposite side, and a larger single-engined plane in the background on the left of the screen. Grass fills most of the rest of the background, with trees meeting a grey-blue sky in the far distance.
G-CFLM, Mainair Pegasus Quik, at City Airport Manchester/Barton, 3rd June 2023.


Side view of a twin engined jet airliner with the engines mounted on the rear fuselage taxiing from right to left. the plane has a light blue top and a grey belly, with a thick dark blue stripe runnning along the body, covering the cabin windows, and a thin white stripe below that. There are white "KLM" titles under a white crown on the upper forward fuselage, with the same logo on the white tail, this time in the same blue as the fuselage. In the background, grass leads off to sandy brown buildings in the distance, with a completely grey plane parked in front. Tall trees are visible behind this, under a yellow-ish grey sky.
PH-KLD, Fokker F100, KLM, at Frankfurt Airport, either 1993 or 1996.