Photo of the Day 25th October 2023

Side view of a twin engined jet airliner flying from left to right at a very low altitude, with the undercarriage being tucked away, flaps extended from the rear of the wing, and the nose raised significantly, suggesting that it has just taken off. The plane is mostly white, with dark blue "Virgin Atlantic" titles on the forward fuseelage and under the belly. The tail is bright red, with white "Virgin" titles in a pseudo-handwritten font. The engine pods are the same bright red. In the background, the sky is a bright but hazy blue.
EI-EZW, Airbus A320-214, Virgin Atlantic, seconds after leaping off Runway 23 Right at Manchester Airport, 27th September 2013.

Front view of a high-winged, twin engined transport aircraft facing slightly to the left of the camera. The plane is mostly white, with a blue bedlly, blue and yellow bands around the nose and forward fuselage, and a blue stripe along the body, with a red Swedish word on the side that translates as "Coastguard".There is also the white number "585" on the lower fuselage, just aft of the open forward door. There is a massive black protuberence on the planes nose, giving it something of the look of a platypus. There is a table with 4 white legs and a black cloth and 2 white wooden chairs just off to one side of the left main landing gear.. In the background, some hot air balloons can be seen under the planes right wing on the left of the frame, with a khaki green tent and a white building under the left wing on the right of the frame. Above, the sky is a bright but hazy grey-blue.
SE-IVF, Casa C-212-200 Aviocar, Kustbevakningen (Swedish Coastguard), at Finningley Air Show, 20th July 1996.


Side view of a twin propellor engined airliner flying from right to left at a low altitude, with flaps deployed from the rear of the wing, and wheels extended, suggesting it is just about to land. The plane is mostly white, with thick red and blue stripes running along the fuselage, and a stylised image of a stooping eagle, with one red wing and one blue wing, on the tail. In the background, flat grey sky fills the frame.
SE-C12/N312AE, Saab SF340B, Wings West Airlines, in the colours of American Eagle, operating a demonstration flight at Farnborough Air Show, 12th September 1992.