Site Update 29th October 2023.

I’ve become aware that there is a problem with the gallery software (Piwigo) I used to use for photo management on, which means that my earliest posts are pretty much all blank.

I’ve updated to the latest version, changed themes and plugins, used some arcane tweaks, and still nothing, nada, nichevo – it’s there, it (sorta) works but throws up pages full of errors in the header and randomly on the page, so it’s not good.

That software hasn’t been used in a long time, and was only there as a legacy storage solution for vague, hand-wavy compatibility reasons, so I have no problems removing it, along with all the associated posts.

Which may take some time, as there are a flipping lot of them.

I could go through and edit those early posts to bring them in to the new system, but I just don’t have 6 months plus to spare doing that.

There are loads of photos that mostly haven’t been seen by anyone that were dumped in there a long time ago, with plans of using them but never did, that I was planning on extracting anyway, so I may as well do the whole lot.

This means that a boat load of photos that many of you will never have seen will suddenly come back in to rotation again.

Which is good – I think…

So, yeah,carry on, nothing to see here (on far too many posts!!)