Photo of the Day 4th October 2023

Side view of a 3 engined jet airliner taxiing from right to left and slightly towards the left of the camera. The plane is mostly white, with a grey belly, and thick red, white, and blue stripes running along the body, the white stripe covering the passenger cabin windows. There are blue "Rich International" titles on the upper fuselage, partially overlaid on the red stripe. In the background, In the background, baggage carts and mobile air stairs adorn the apron on the right of the frame, whie a white jet airliner pokes into the middle of the frame from the left, while a cluster of 5 planes, mostly in blues, greys, and white, face out of the frame at the top left, with a red and white striped barrier beyond them stretching across most of the frame.
N304EA, Lockheed L1011-1 TriStat, Rich International, at London Gatwick, 26th July 1995.


Side view of a twin engined bizjet taxiing from right to left in front of a red and brown brick wall with a couple of brown and white buildings behind it. The plane is mostly white with a very pale blue belly, and a red and white stripe running along the fuselage, and a similar stripe on the tail. The registration "N611GS" is on the side-mounted engine pod.
N611GS, Canadair Challenger 601-3A, at London Heathrow, 4th November 1994.


Side view of a 3 engined bizjet parked facing to the right. The plane is mostly white, with a dark blue belly, and a dark blue stripe running along the body, sweeping up arund the lower rear of the engines and tail, with a thin gold stripe on the top edge. There is a red band across the top of the tail whith a white cross in the middle, and the registration "HB-IAE" on the centre engine intake. There is a red beacon shining under the fuselage, with another on the top of the tail. In the background, grass, a runway, and more grass leads up to a large black hangar with a selection of light aircraft parked in front, slowly being swallowed up by mist.
HB-IAE, Dassault Falcon 50, at Manchester Airport, some time before July 1993.