Photo of the Day 24th November 2023

Side view of a twin engined white jet airliner with blue "Air France" titles on the upper forward fuselage and diagonal blue and red stripes on the tail taxiing from left to right.
G-GINL, Boeing 737-53C, Air France, at Frankfurt Airport, either 1993 or 1996.

Side view of a high-=winged, twin engined white jet airliner with a grey belly taxiing from right to left, in front of a background dominated by a large brown and grey terminal building, under a hazy blue-grey sky.
OY-NCT, Dornier 328JET-310, JoinJet, operating a flight to Billund on behalf of Sun-Air of Scandinavia, taxiing out to Runway 23Right at Manchester Airport, 24th November 2014.
Side view of a green and white twin engined jet airliner moving at high speed from right to left on a damp runway.
EI-DEM, Airbus A320-214, Aer Lingus, kicking up a little bit of spray from the main wheels as it starts it’s take off roll on a damp runway in somwe gorgeous early morning Golden Hour light at Manchester Airport, 24th November 2017.
Side view of a blue biplane with white wings, and white registration "G-ABWP" on the rear fuselage, taxiing from left to right on grass. The plane has a pair of open cockpits, with a person in each one, both people wearing heavy jackets, leather helmets and goggles, and masks covering their noses and mouths. In the background, grass stretches out to meet trees in the distance, under a grey sky.
G-ABWP, Spartan Arrow, taxiing to the main parking area after landing at Manchester Barton, some time in the 1990s.
Side view of a blue, very large, 4 engined jet airliner taxiing from right to left and slightly towards the camera. The plane has a white belly, and blue Korean Air" titles on the upper forward fuselage, with a red, white, and blue Yin-Yang symbol on the tail. In the background, tree-covered rolling hills meet the hazy blue sky.
HL7491, Boeing 747-4B5, Korean Air, at Zurich Kloten, 28th September 1996.