Photo of the Day 22nd December 2023.

Side view of a white, twin engined jet airliner flying from left to right, with wheels extended and flaps hanging down from the backs of the wings, suggesting it is about to land.
G-OOOC, Boeing 757-28A, Air 2000, on final approach to Runway 24 at Manchester Airport, some time in the 1990s, as seen from the Airport Hotel.

Almost head on view of a white twin engined jet airlinerparked facing to the right, with a blue airbridge attached to the forward door on the far side, with a view across a busy airport in the background, buildings and planes in the distance slowly vanishing in to haze.
F-BVGM, Airbus A300B4-203, Air France, at Frankfurt Airport, either 1993 or 1996.


Side view of a white, single engined light aircraft with a very colourful rear fuselage and tail, flying from left to right at a low altitude, obviously about to land.
G-BSEU, Piper PA-28-181 Archer II, at North Weald, landing prior to the annual Fighter Meet airshow, some time in the early 1990s.


Side view of a white , blue, and red, high-winged, 4 engined jet airliner parked facing to the left and slightly away from the camera, with stairs attached to the rear doors, and luggage carts scattered around the rear, as well as several people walking around, with airport buidlings vanishing in to haze in the background.
HB-IXF, British Aerospace Avro RJ85, Crossair, at Geneva Cointrin, either 1993 or 1996.


Side view of a white and green, high-winged, twin propellor-engined light aircraft parked in a red brick hangar, with more planes in the background.
G-BFBD, Partenavia P-68B Victor, in one of the hangars at Manchester Barton, some time in the early 1990s.