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Site Update 19th June 2023

So, the site is back up and running pretty much as it should – it turns out that one of my plugins was trying to cache images, but failing to actually send them, which meant that no images were getting through.

I’m hoping an update will fix this soon, but until then, this update will remain switched off.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Manc AvGeek

Site Update 17th June 2023

I’ve just noticed that the site isn’t quite working the way it should – images from the last few days aren’t loading, instead the alt-text descriptions are visible.
I have absolutely no idea what is causing this, but will be working on finding a solution as soon as possible.
The only current workaround for this is to click on each alt-text entry, and hopefully the image will load.
It doesn’t always work, if not just look up the pics on my Fediverse site.
Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

We’re Back!

Unfortunately, because of work and family commitments, followed by a period of illness, updates have been few and far between recently.

Hopefully, things will improve now, with a new workflow for uploads and captioning, now that I appear to be over the worst of this illness.


Look for more photos of dubious quality but great memories over the coming days and weeks.